Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mrs. K's answered prayer

This is a picture of me with Mrs. K, a widow who lives in Radcliff, Kentucky. She broke her arm trying to clean up her yard after the ice storm. The tree behind us split open from the weight of the ice, and the part that remained standing was leaning toward her house.
She had tried to get the insurance company to get it off her property, but everybody was busy. We did not have the equipment to cut down her tree, but we cleaned debris from the drive where we were standing, and she moved her vehicles around to this drive. We prayed for her to get some more help.
I found out that she is a Sunday School teacher at a Presbyterian church. I gave her a New Testament with devotionals in the front, and a Rick Warren CD and a gospel tract. She was excited to get the materials, saying she would use it to teach and encourage others.
After we left, she called our operations center to say that 30 minutes after our prayer, a man came who was able to cut down that tree so it would not fall on her house. She was praising the Lord for answering our prayers.

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