Saturday, February 14, 2009

From ice to rainbow

When our Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief team arrived in Radcliff, Kentucky on February 8, most of the ice had melted (except for a little you can see in the cedar tree needles above), but the tree damage was everywhere. Electricity had been restored, but lots of people, especially senior adults, had a mess that they could not clean up themselves and could not afford to clean up. That's where our "Rescue and Recovery" unit helped them. It was hard work, but very gratifying, and at every home we prayed with the homeowners and talked to them about the Lord. We discovered several people who had no church but were open to a visit from a local church, and we passed that on to the local Baptist association. Most of all, we gave people hope. How appropriate that after we finished one of our jobs, a beautiful rainbow came out!

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