Saturday, February 14, 2009

Before and after

Here's a picture of a yard in Radcliff, Kentucky that was messed up by the ice storm, and a picture after we cleaned it up. While we were working on this yard, a man drove up and asked me, "What organization are you with?" I said, "We're Christians doing this as a ministry. We're with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief." He said, "I'm on social security and I've tried to get my place cleaned up, but I can't afford what people charge. How much do you charge?" I said, "Sir, we don't take payment. We do this for free." He was amazed. "For FREE?" he asked. "Yes," I said, "It's like God's grace. You can't earn it; you have to receive it by faith. Do you have a local church that you attend?" I handed him a gospel tract. He said, "Yes, I'll be there this Sunday." I then explained that he could go to the fire station and fill out an application for assistance from us. When I got back to the fire station for lunch, he was there filling out the application.
I cannot count how many times I had the opportunity to explain grace to people when they were surprised that we take no payment and we do this as a ministry. That is a "before" and "after" that I may never see this side of heaven, but I know it touched many hearts.

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