Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday mission report from Nicaragua

 Part of an email received today from Student Minister Bryan Gilde, with our youth mission team in Nicaragua:
"Pray for tomorrow as we will have an invitation time with the kids. We have about 140 kids each day we are working with. We just spent a few hundred on 60 Bibles for the older kids to be handed out in the discipleship program they have here on Saturdays.
The nursing home we visit has about 12 residents and one of them is 101 yrs old (19 yrs left according to Genesis, right? lol)
They have a 1000 sq foot bldg that they don´t use cause its too old. This place is sixty seven yrs old! They want to redo it and add 12 more residents.
This trip is so rocking my world, it makes you realize how much need is in the world and how we are called to make a difference. I was reading in I Thessalonians this morning. I think chapter 1 or 2 and it says our labor is not in vain!!"

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