Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday: Finished first day of ministry in Nicaragua

It's Monday in Nicaragua where our youth mission team is ministering. In this picture, Student Minister Bryan Gilde says, "On the way home with an AWESOME team after an AWESOME day! True servants from FBC Rincon! Thank you for sending them to Nicaragua!
180 kids in VBS. La Gran Manzana was a hit! Ministered to 13 residents at the Baptist Nursing Home... sweet time. It's hot!"
From team member Beverly Harvey: "Thanks to everyone praying for our mission team! The Nursing home was an eye opening experience. These people have NOTHING and yet so in love with God. I felt GUILTY because we came here to bless BUT I was blessed. One woman sang "Rock of Ages" in SPANISH! I simply cannot put to words how that felt. I love our Lord! I am thankful for that experience! For all those praying for our Nicaragua Mission team....THANK YOU!!! God has already shown He is the boss and He is in control. I LOVE IT!!! Everyone is doing fine. The food is good, the driving is wild, and God's love is shining. You would be proud of the youth! God's love is spilling out of them. Watching these kids hugging and touching these elderly people that need it and seeing them hug and love on the VBS kids is a blessing. I AM BEING BLESSED! Thank you for your prayers and support."

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