Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Orleans mission trip - Thursday

Today was our final day of work at the two homes where we were doing repair. Lester and his crew got a lot of cabinets installed, and we even did a little painting in the home on Leonidas Street. The work on the house on South Claiborne seemed so painstakingly slow, but the paint is now stripped from the boards and trim and doors, so the next crew will be able to paint.
We shared gifts with the neighbors at each locations who allowed us to use their water, etc. Mrs. Williams, the neighbor on South Claiborne, was really excited to get her gift. We had prayed with her earlier in the week.
After dinner, we went to the French quarter and got some beignets (French donuts) in the famous Cafe du Monde near the Mississippi River.
Tomorrow we head home!

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