Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Operation Noah - Wednesday

We had a great day on Wednesday and got a lot done.
Julie, the homeowner, came by again with her daughter and granddaughter (picture with Frances). They were really excited and grateful to see the progress we are making. They showed us pictures they took after the hurricane, showing how devastating it was before they began renovating. I just wish we could finish the house this week, but it will probably take at least one more team to get the house ready for them to live in it.
A man came by from the power company and stopped just to thank us for what we are doing and to say that he knew the couple we were helping, and that "if anybody deserved help, they do." It has been so rewarding to play a small part in the rebuilding of their lives.
Pray for safety as we are climbing on ladders a lot to paint outside. Also pray for the neighbor across the street, "Mr. Willie," who has really warmed up to us and today invited us all over to his house. He is Roman Catholic. I did not have an opportunity to talk to him about his personal faith, although we did talk about his attendance at a local Catholic church.

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