Thursday, April 30, 2009

Operation Noah - Thursday

We finished work today, although there remains work to be done before the Jackson's can get into their home. Lou, the crew chief from Operation Noah, said that we had given this couple hope that it can happen and they can eventually get back into their house. They had been trying to do a little here and there and hire a few work crews when they had the money, and they were discouraged and feeling they would never get into the house. But we got so much done this week, that they now have new hope. Becky took a "Before" and "After" picture of the outside of the house, and the difference inside was even more dramatic. "Glenn's Wall" is now painted and looks great, as do the baseboards and tile in many of the rooms.
We took up a collection and bought a Home Depot gift card for Mr. Willie across the street, as a thank you for him letting us use his water all week to wash our hands, wash our brushes, etc. He was touched, and we hope that we left a good witness to him as well as to Julie and Tony Jackson. But the other part that was such a blessing was how our team of 12 got to know each other. We had devotionals together each night, sharing and praying. We joined hands to pray over meals and enjoyed fellowship as we ate together and worked together. We came to help rebuild New Orleans, and we are leaving with a new bond built with one another.

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