Thursday, February 07, 2008

Living across the street from a tavern

The county sent word to me that the Effingham Family Association would be fined if we didn't remove all of our "Vote No" signs by tonight. Since I had to go to Springfield to visit a man in the hospital, I was picking up signs wherever I saw them, and I knew there was a home across the street from Kelly's Tavern in Springfield with a "Vote No" sign. I figured Kelly's would be upset about that sign, so I drove to the home. Sure enough, the "Vote No" sign was still in their yard, which sits directly across the street from Kelly's Tavern. I knocked on the door, and when the woman answered, I explained who I was and why we had to take down the signs. She let out a long sigh, and said that she was not even warned that Kelly's Tavern was going to open across the street. She said that on Super Bowl Sunday, they had lots of people bringing their own booze and having a party, and she was worried about the bar atmosphere that was going to come now that they would also be able to apply for a liquor license. That's why she was so reluctant to take down her sign, even after we lost the election. But she was nice about it, gave me her sign, and thanked me for being a voice for her viewpoint in our community.

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