Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Liquor passes in Effingham

Liquor by the drink passed in all three referendums here in Effingham County.
According to the Effingham Herald website, the measure passed overwhelmingly. Even though absentee ballots have not been counted, they will not change the outcome.
The county vote was 7,348 "yes" and 5,018 "no." That's 59% in favor.
Springfield voted 160 "yes" and 102 "no." That's 61% in favor.
Rincon voted 911 "yes" and 380 "no." That's 71% in favor.
In 2002, we defeated liquor by 57%, but this time it passed easily.
The proponents of liquor have pledged that they only want restaurants, not bars and nightclubs. I believe they are sincere in that pledge, and I hope that we can work together to ensure that we do not have bars.
To everybody who helped in this campaign, thank you for your hard work. You can put your head on your pillow tonight and know that you did your best, and that is all that you can do.
The alcohol issue is not an issue that I brought up, but I felt a responsibility to speak my convictions when the issue did arise. Now that liquor has been approved, I'm ready to move on and focus on sharing Christ's love with this community.


Joel Rainey said...


Its always good to pop in from time to time and see what is on your mind.

I appreciate the way you have balanced speaking your convictions with the resolve to "move ahead." In a very big way, I think the spirit you have exhibited here mirrors the kind of debate on this issue that should be happening within our own ranks.

On the one hand, we should recognize that each person and SBC-affiliated church has varying convictions on this issue, and those convictions should be respected, because they are, in essence, secondary to our common identity and confession.

On the other hand, respect for varying convictions should never lead one toward an environment of "anything goes," cheifly because of the very concerns you mention in these last several articles. Thanks for exhibiting that spirit. I thank God that there are pastors like you in the SBC.

Brother Bob said...

Thank you, Joel.