Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mother Church of Georgia threatened

Christ Church in Savannah, the "Mother Church of Georgia," was established shortly after the colony of Georgia was founded. One of its early pastors was John Wesley, later the founder of Methodism. But the future of this historic church is in grave danger. Because the conservative congregation has designated its offerings to only be used in the Georgia diocese, the bishop says they have six months to pay to the national denomination or risk losing their property, valued at $3 million.

Christ Church is opposed to the liberalism of the national denomination, especially the ordination of a homosexual bishop.

How sad that the Episcopal Church, which prides itself so much on "tolerance," is so intolerant of dissenting churches like Christ Church.

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Jesse said...

I hate to hear of this. It seems that the task of this generation is to overcome the polarization that is present in many of our largest institutions.