Saturday, October 21, 2006

Stained glass in Memorial Chapel

Our church recently renovated the old sanctuary and renamed it the Memorial Chapel. We have small services, including Wednesday prayer meeting, in the Memorial Chapel, and we use it as our Social Hall. I'm glad that we kept the stained glass in the chapel. Here are stained glass scenes in the Memorial Chapel of Jesus at Gethsemane, Jesus' baptism, and the Risen Christ.


Margaret said...

These are gorgeous. Are these very old stained glass scenes and were they made by a local artist? Thank you so much for sharing.

Brother Bob said...

Thanks! The building was constructed in 1959, so they may be about 47 years old. I'll check with our church historian and see if she knows about the artist and whether they were installed as the original windows.

Brother Bob said...

According to long-time church members, the stained glass was installed when the building was originally built in 1959, but they have no idea about the artist.

Janice said...

Brother Bob,

I am so glad that RFB Church renovated the "Old Church", and would like to praise The Lord for giving our members the incite, inspiration, dedication and means to see this project completed. Also, a big "Thank You" for all that made this possible, especially The Lord.

It is extra special for me, since this is the Church I worshiped in as a child with my parents and brothers (1960), where my Christian values were formed, where I was married, and my children worshiped. It is where my Christian Family of Brothers and Sisters in Christ began and holds a lot of memories for many other members also. I hope that we can use the "Old Church" for worship for many years to come.

Today, I am grateful my Christian Family continues to grow at the "new" Rincon First Baptist Church. May God continue to Bless.

Your Sister in Christ,