Thursday, October 19, 2006

Paster, Pasteur, er Pastor Appreciation Month

I got a fun surprise when I came back to my office on Tuesday (I take Mondays off since I work on Sunday). The kids in Truth Quest, our children's church, had written me personal notes for Pastor Appreciation Month and they were plastered on the wall outside the door to my office.
They had made all kinds of notes with pasted stars and children's drawings of smiley faces. One had a drawing of an eagle and American flag, and said, "I love you, Paster Bob! I salute you."
(Reminds me of the little fellow I heard about who said that since he had received a visit in his home from the pastor, he had been "pasteurized.") Another had a drawing of a cross and said: "Dear Pastor Bob, I think you the best paster ever. Jesus will pertekt you."
And then there was a note on orange paper with no drawings, that included a healthy mix of encouragement and warning. It said, "You help out with God's house. You are the best! P.S. Please keep this house the best."
Yes, sir! I've got my marching orders! You guys made my day!

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