Friday, September 15, 2006

Your view of God?

Some anonymous donor put Tuesday's USA Today on my doorstep today. I guess they wanted me to read the front page article by Cathy Lynn Grossman, "View of God can reveal your values and politics" (USA Today, September 12, 2006).
The article discussed a major religious survey done by Baylor University and Gallup Poll that says the best way to predict people's views on morality and politics is by their view of God, not old terms like conservative/liberal, evangelical/mainline, or even Catholic, Protestant and Jew.
They gave four definitions of God, all of which claimed the support of anywhere from 16% to 31% of the American public. Before I reveal any more of the results, I'd like to take my own poll. So readers, give me your opinions in the drop-down box below. Which best defines your view of God? Comments are also welcome in the comment section (subject to approval by the moderator--that's me.)

Which is the best definition of God?
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