Monday, September 11, 2006

Freedom Walk on 9/11

Tonight our church hosted a Freedom Walk in Rincon to remember 9/11. Almost 100 people participated, walking the mile south from our church along Highway 21 to Effingham Cleaners. Many were from our church, but many others came from all over the community. We carried American flags and signs saying "Remember 9/11" and "Support Our Troops." Quite a few passing motorists waved and honked to show their support. We had a surprise welcome from the Rincon Fire Department, who had parked two trucks with lights flashing at the end of our walk. We had buses available to take people back to the parking lot, but most of the people enjoyed it so much that they turned around and walked the mile back to the church. Notice in the pictures above a Vietnam veteran who came in his wheelchair. He made the trip both ways and said he wished we had gone all the way to Savannah.

NOTE: Read the article in the Savannah Morning News and see great pictures by clicking here.

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