Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Super man or super bad Dad?

The new Superman Returns movie is getting mixed reviews from Christian bloggers. Here are two interesting blogs on the subject. One sees this Superman as a "Christ figure" while the other seems him as a superbad dad. Readers, have you seen the movie? Do you see Jesus in Superman? Are you offended by his illegitimate fatherhood?
LATER NOTE: This subject was hotly debated on World magazine's blog recently.


OKpreacher said...

Dear Bob Rogers,

I think you have a very nice blog. Keep up the good work.


Brother Bob said...

Thanks, and thanks for allowing me to link to your site. You had some good points that I had not heard before on your blog. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I'm interested in the comments.

Brother Bob said...

Todoay I saw the movie. I would agree that the movie's moral message is troubling in that it portrays the common but immoral practice if sex before marriage (between Superman and Lois Lane), and cohabitation (between Lois Lane and her "fiance" she shacked up with after Superman flew the coop for five years).
Yet despite these problems, the main message of the movie is remarkably like a Christ-figure. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John would instantly recognize the plot.
Superman's father's voice speaks of the son being sent from the father. Lois Lane's article "why the world does not need Superman" has to be rewritten, because she decides that the world DOES need a savior (and "savior" is the word used in the movie).
WARNING: If you have not seen the movie, you may not want to read the next part, which is a spoiler of the plot:
The movie ends with a kind of "death and resurrection" of Superman, and a sort of ascension, in which he says he will always be present.
This movie is even more Christian in its allusions than "The Chronicles of Narnia," in my opinion. Very, very interesting.

Brother Bob said...

One correction: I understand that Lois Lane and Clark Kent got married at the end of Superman II, so while Superman is an absent father, he is not immoral. Unfortunately, this previous marriage is not mentioned in "Superman II," in fact, Lois acts like she barely knows Clark.