Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

Here's a picture of our church's award-winning float in the Rincon 4th of July parade. Congratulations to Dr. Bill Gammon, our associate pastor, for doing a super job in designing and constructing this float. The float received the Eagle Award for the float that best represents freedom, and the Alpha Battery Award for the float that best honors Alpha Battery, our local Army National Guard Unit that recently returned from service in Iraq.


Bloodiest of Ladies said...

It was a beautifully designed and constructed float. I'm sure you can guess if we've not directly addressed it, how I feel about jingoism (spelling?) but it was beautiful in it's place.

Brother Bob said...

Thanks, I think.
You spelled "jingoism" correctly, Trudy, but I disagree with your implication. Merriam-Webster defines "jingoism" as "extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy." I gather that you disagree with the Iraq War, which you feel is a "belligerent foreign policy." Whatever one's view on the Iraq War, it is appropriate for our community to honor our local National Guardsmen who served their country bravely and faithfully, which is what we were doing.

Bloodiest of Ladies said...

It was a compliment.

I'm quite amazed by my having spelled something correctly.

Perhaps jingoism was a strong word, and honestly my feelings on the US foreign policy has very little to do with my statement.

I've never been able to understand the whole 'lines on a map' thing.

I think there's a serious problem of automatically labeling as bravery things that could just as easily been foolishness. (Not directed at individuals there)And being faithful is only good when you're faithful to the right things.

But then my opinions, especially this one, come from a view that very few share, and perhaps it's not sensible for more than a few to share; that things actually could be right.

And since this verges on incredibly political, which would likely have your readers posting language you'd prefer not on your blog sight if I continue, I'll stop with this post. :)