Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Canceling church on Christmas Day?

NOTE: Since I moved my blog from MSN to Blogspot, I archived below some popular blogs from the old MSN site. Here is a blog from December 6, 2005, the blog which drew the most comments that year:

This year, Christmas Day is on a Sunday. According to the World Magazine Blog, some mega-churches have decided to only have a Christmas Eve service and no services on Christmas Day, because it is a "family time." A hot debate on this subject followed the World Mag blog post-- they had about 95 comments when I looked at it this evening.
Most people said that their own churches were having services on Christmas Day, although most were only having morning services. But the comments strongly disagreed about the correct course of action. A majority seemed to feel that it was wrong to cancel services on the Lord's Day, but some argued that worship is worship, on any day.
First Baptist Church of Rincon will be having a Christmas Eve service and we will have one morning service on Christmas Day, but no Sunday School. I will be on vacation in Mississippi, but I plan to attend church on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas Day with my parents. We will have family time, worshiping together.
I feel that it would be hypocritical for us Christians to be so passionate about the retail stores not banning Christmas, and then turn around and ban the Lord's Day ourselves by preferring family time over worship time on the day set aside to remember Christ's birth.
A columnist for Baptist Press agreed with me in his column recently. Do you suppose he's reading "Brother Bob's Blog?" :)
Anybody have an opinion about this one?

UPDATE: I was so proud of our church here in Georgia. Even though I was away attending my parent's church while on vacation, our church was packed for services on Christmas Day, and we had a lot of visitors. I wonder if some visitors were from churches that closed their doors that day?

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