Saturday, June 18, 2011


The youth mission team has arrived safely in Managua, Nicaragua.
Message from Erica Bolton, one of the team members: "Mr. Bryan asked me to let you know we got to Nicaragua safely. Everything went smoothly today. Tomorrow morning we're going to a local church. People from the Florida Baptist Children's Home are super nice and really helpful! Thanks for all the prayers!"
Message from Sarabeth Gaskin, another team member: "We safely landed today at the Managura International Airport, which is about the size of Valdosta's airport! Tomorrow we plan to go to church, then to see Managua's famous volcano, which I am very excited to go see! The airplane ride was very bumpy, but we got to watch movies and have a light lunch/dinner so that definitely made it better. It has been a long day of traveling and I'm very ready to get some rest!"

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