Friday, April 09, 2010

My other blogs

I have two other blogs, for those who might be interested:
"Holy Humor" at has about one selected column per month from my weekly newspaper column, "Holy Humor," which is published in the Effingham (Rincon, Ga.) Herald and Poplarville (Miss.) Democrat. These are true humorous stories from church life, with a spiritual punchline. Columns go back to 2007.
"Explain the Bible" at is a question-and-answer blog. This is a new blog I started in December 2009 almost as a practical necessity. Nearly every week I get an email, phone call or person inquiry from somebody asking me a question about the Bible. With the permission of the questioners, I have posted their first names and their questions, followed by my answers, since other people may be wondering the same things.
Check them out, and if you appreciate the blogs, take time to click on the Google ads and I get credit.

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