Friday, February 12, 2010

Take my poll on dramatic monologue

For years, I have been doing dramatic monologues in church. In recent years, I memorized the Sermon on the Mount and Paul's Letter to the Philippians to present as a dramatic monologue. Now I'm praying about learning an Old Testament passage. I have selected several key passages, that are about one or two chapters long.
I would like your prayerful opinion about which one to memorize. So cast your vote in the opinion poll at the right on this site.
Thank you for your vote! Feel free to add your comments below, as well.

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Anonymous said...

Gen 1 would be great, but you might conisder The Creation in the sermons by James Weldon Johnson - God's Trombones. There should be several verions on Youtube.
40 or so yrs ago the Georgetown College (KY) drama dept did an innovated reaading of the entire book of Job with spectacular makeup like stained glass windows. That may also be available.
Finally, I cked Ezekiel, because of the drama of the dry bones. I could envision strobe lighting changing colors, and perhaps a choir or ensemble chanting or singing softly but emphatically, "dem bones, dem bones, dem...dry bones.."
Prob too much drammer in my background.