Monday, April 27, 2009

Operation Noah - Monday

On Monday we began our work. We went to a closed church which had been transformed into a warehouse for Operation Noah, and got our supplies. Then we went to the home on Piety Street in New Orleans, in a neighborhood where more than half of the homes are abandoned. We began work on a home that is basically a duplex. A family lived in one apartment, and their adult children live in the other apartment. The neighbor across the street said his own home had 7 feet of water after Katrina. He said the home where we were working, the owners had gone to Texas, but now they were back. They had hired contractors to renovate, but the contractors did shoddy work. So now Operation Noah teams are working on it. We were painting the inside, and several places some of the men were repairing places in the floor. Glenn Womack worked on a place where the wall was open and you could see straight through the floor to the ground below. Frances Callaway was Glenn's helper, and they were able to close up the hole with sheetrock and put putty over it.

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