Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fireproof vs. Religulous

Two completely opposite movies are showing in theaters right now: Fireproof, a Christian movie about marriage, and Religulous, a movie by Bill Maher that mocks religion.

Fireproof opened on September 26 and was the # 4 movie that weekend.

Religulous opened on October 3 and was the # 10 movie that weekend, while Fireproof was # 8.

At the website www.the-movie-times.com, people were rating Fireproof as "very good" or "classic." Many posters were saying that this movie will save marriages. On the other hand, they were rating Religulous as "terrible" or "worst of all time." One poster said it was "stupid" and another said he wanted Bill Maher to give him his money back.

Is Hollywood listening?

This weekend another Christian movie opens in theaters about Billy Graham. It's called Billy: The Early Years. Christian's let's show Hollywood what kind of movies we want to see!

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Brother Bob said...

Well, "Fireproof" continues to do well in its third week. Over the weekend of Oct. 10-12, it placed 11th, making almost $3.2 million while showing in only 875 theaters. It has now made almost $17 million in three weeks. Every movie above "Fireproof" on the box office top movies was showing in at least 1,200 theaters. ("Religulous" dropped completely out of the top movies.) And more good news is that "Fireproof" will open in 300 new theaters next weekend and may move back into the top ten.