Saturday, August 09, 2008

Recommended movie list

Can you give me a list of your recommended christian movies?
Christi Ricker

That's an interesting question. Let me see...
The following I would recommend to all ages:
"Facing the Giants" (high school football, great feel-good movie despite no
professional actors, gospel message)
"Flywheel" (low budget, unprofessional acting, but humorous, great message
about fatherhood, faith and honesty, gospel message)
"Joshua" (imagine if Jesus visited a small town in America today; well done
movie, unique story)
"Time Changer" (unique movie about what happens if a Christian from 1890
sees our culture today; gospel message)
"Unidentified" (about UFO's, Christian message)
"Something to Sing About" (comedy, music, gospel message)
"The Climb" (mountain climbing, adventure, gospel message)
"The Road to Redemption" (comedy with gospel message)
"Last Flight Out" (exciting missionary story, gospel message)
"The Nativity Story" (story of Jesus' birth; follows the Bible story)
"Matthew" (word for word through gospel of Matthew; actor who plays Jesus
smiles a lot)
"The Gospel of John" (word for word through gospel of John; very well done
"The Ten Commandments" (Carlton Heston classic and the 2007 animated version)
And of course, all of the "Veggie Tales" movies are great for the kids

The following are good Christian movies with a good message, but they may be
too intense for children:
"A Vow to Cherish" (about faithfulness to marriage when spouse becomes
sick-- one of the most emotional movies I have ever seen)
"The Second Chance" (about a pastor who got too big and forgot his roots,
like prodigal son)
"End of the Spear" (about missionaries murdered in South America; about
forgiveness and gospel is explained by the natives to other natives)
"The Visitation" (about cults and false Messiahs and Jesus being the only
true way; this is a scary movie, however)
"The Hiding Place" (true story of Nazi concentration camp, gospel message)
"Hangman's Curse" (about "haunted" high school, good movie for teenagers,
deals with bullying, gospel message)
"Amazing Grace" (about end of slave trade and Christians being involved in
politics to make a difference in society; very well done with good acting,
costumes; makes use of the song "Amazing Grace" several times; be sure to
watch the musical tribute after the credits)
"The Passion of the Christ" (you know this one)

And the following are not explicitly Christian movies, but they have a
spiritual message or a message affirming faith in God:
"Bella" (shows the value of human life through the eyes of one man, and one pregnant woman)
"Saving Sarah Cain" (wonderful feel good movie; secular, worldly woman who
must adopt her sister's children who are Amish and is confronted by their
simple faith)
"The Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe" (classic children's
fantasy story- Lion symbolizes Jesus)
"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian"
"Saints and Soldiers" (WWII movie-- not for children; shows a soldier who
has faith and one who does not)
"Gods and Generals" (Civil War movie-- not for children; shows the true
faith of Generals Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee as well as faith of Union
"Thr3e" (intense, psycho thriller, but good faith message)
"Because of Winn Dixie" (cute, feel-good movie about a pastor's daughter and
a dog)

Any comments from readers about these films? Would you add some other movies to the list?


Peter K. said...

Part of JRR Tolkien's intent behind writing the Lord of The Rings was to create an allegory of the Christian story. Part of the fun is figuring out which of the characters (or races) symbolize humans, angels, or Christ.

Brother Bob said...

Yes, "Fellowship of the Ring," "The Two Towers," and "Return of the King" are good suggestions to add to this list. Especially the last movie, "Return of the King," which has much imagery that reminds me of the return of Jesus Christ.