Friday, May 30, 2008

Faster Pastor

I'm competing in the annual "Faster Pastor" race at Oglethorpe Speedway Park in Pooler, Georgia on Friday, June 13.

Here's a picture of me getting a feel for the stock car that I will be driving, which belongs to church member David Smith.

Tickets are $12, available at the church office and also on Sundays at the Welcome Center of the church. Our church gets 50% of the ticket sale, and I'm donating the proceeds to the building fund for our church's new children's building.


Brother Bob said...

I don't want it to sound like an excuse, but everything seemed to go against me in my first race. I didn't get to practice before the day of the race, so we arrived early to the track and I drove the car around in the pit to get a feel for it, and the car flooded. The owner scrambled to replace the fuel pump, and realized that we could not use his car. So we asked to borrow another car so I could at least drive around the track during "hot laps" to practice. But by the time we found a car to borrow, the hot laps were finished.

So I had to run the first race of my life without any practice or any experience driving a race car on the track. I drew the lead position, but requested to be moved to the back so I could just drive around the track and make it alive. So we began the race, and I was doing fine following everybody else, but I was falling farther and farther behind as they all lapped me. But I was okay with it, as at least I was going around the track and not spinning out. Then on the 8th lap another inexperienced pastor hit me and spun me out. I cranked the car back up and got back into the race and finished. I was in last place among the cars that finished, but there were two other pastors who didn't finish the race because they had problems with their cars. So at least I finished the race!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor. I have a quick question. I apologize that it's a bit off subject, but are those people up on Tiger Ridge really inbread and freaky looking? Are they dangerous, or can someone go up there and take pictures of them?

Brother Bob said...

LOL. My understanding is that many of them have married close relatives over the years. But I would not say they are "freaky" looking. No, they're not dangerous. They are actually very nice people, most of them are Christians. At Christmas, they put up tens of thousands of Christmas lights around their trailers and butane tanks, etc. and lots of people come up to see their lights. I took pictures and wrote a blog about it some time ago.

Brother Bob said...

See my blog
for my visit to Tiger Ridge.