Friday, March 07, 2008

Revival breaks out in Jena, Louisiana

Jena, Louisiana was in the news last September for the civil rights protests regarding the "Jena Six," black students whom many said were unfairly prosecuted for their role in beating up a white student. News reports of whites not allowing blacks to sit under their tree at Jena High School and reports of hangman's nooses hung as a threat, raised tensions to a feverish pitch.
Now a new spirit is reigning in Jena. Make that "Spirit" with a capital "S," for the Holy Spirit is sweeping through the town with revival, according to reports in Baptist Press.
When the predominantly white Midway Baptist Church began a "normal" spring revival, it broke out into a time of repentance, racial reconciliation and forgiveness. Jimmy Young, the pastor of the African-American congregation, L and A Baptist Church, attended and was asked to preach. Crowds grew from 200 to 300. So the revival continued, and the crowds grew to 400. Every night, people were accepting Christ, and 22 were baptized in one service. As the crowds grew to 700, they moved the revival to East Jena Baptist Church. Now as the revival is entering its fourth week, the services are moving to the 1,100-seat gymnasium at Jena High School, the very school where all the racial tension began.
Reports are that the invitations last an hour long, and nobody wants to go home, as the Holy Spirit is sweeping through the town.
Of course, the national news media is not reporting on Jena now. But Somebody more important is watching it all with joy.


Anonymous said...

Thank God to hear that revival has broken out in your town. We are praying for the same to happen in our town in West Palm Beach, FL

Brother Bob said...

Thanks. Actually, I do not live in Jena. I don't even live in Louisiana; I live in Georgia. But my brother used to live in Jena.
Nevertheless, I join you in thanking God for the revival in Jena and praying that it will spread to my town, too.