Thursday, January 31, 2008

Letter from an Applebee's waitress

The following e-mail was sent to me by a waitress at Applebee's, who requested that I keep her name anonymous:

I have been following the battle you are fighting right now. I would like to throw out my two cents. I live in Effingham and have my whole life, I recently passed my real estate exam and am a licensed realtor, I also am a waitress for Applebee's. I am also a mother of two girls, a member of your church and a friend of someone killed by a drunk driver. I am opposed to the liquor for many reasons. I would like to state that I have not heard one word about any full service restaurants even considering coming to Effingham, most corporate businesses require as part of a franchise agreement that there be so much of a population around the area intended to build which we do not have yet. This is to keep a big name business from having to have closed locations due to inactivity or slow business. I also know Bryan County allows liquor and that the only city to benefit by having full service restaurants is Richmond Hill. With in Bryan county, Ellabell, Pembroke, etc.. there are no big box chains except McDonalds and Dairy Queen I know they don't have liquor, But with in 10 miles of each other there are 2 bars on the outside of Pembroke on the same road. There are about 5 bars in the rural areas of Bryan county and no FULL SERVICE RESTAURANT'S. I know everyone is being deceived into thinking that we will get a great place to go eat if it's passed but that is not guaranteed. Just look toward Bryan County for a example. Rincon or Springfield could get a restaurant but what about Guyton, Shawnee, Marlow, Sandhill, etc... they will most likely wind up allowing bars because that looks to be the trend.

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