Friday, November 09, 2007

Cheat play "joking way to end their season"

John Hart, sports director of WJBF-TV (ABC) and WFXG-TV (FOX) in Augusta, Georgia, reported that he talked to a Lakeside player about the infamous "cheat" play they tried to pull against Effingham County on November 4 and the player had an interesting explanation for the play, but he didn't say what that explanation was. I emailed Mr. Hart and asked him to explain what the player said. He wrote back and said: "The player basically said that they had run the play as a prank several times during intra-squad scrimmages and that when it was called they all just sort of thought it was a fun, joking way to end their season (it was their final play of the year). The player view seems to be that this was just a joke gone horribly wrong. And the coach admits that it was horrible judgement and definitely not the right time or place."

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