Thursday, September 20, 2007

Words of wisdom from Kenny Grant

What a great revival we had this past week with Rev. Kenny Grant.
As promised, I have collected some of the one-liners that Brother Kenny shared with us this week.
Here are a few quotations:
"I want to be brief tonight, but I probably won't be."
"If you can't say 'Amen,' say 'Oh, me.'"
"We're fooling ourselves if we say we worship God and we live like common yard dogs."
"We make a big deal out of building God a house because we don't want Him in our own house."
Talking about men being under Christ's headship before being head of the home: "You gotta be under what you're supposed to be under before you can be over what you're supposed to be over."
"Missing men produce broken boys."
"A wife's job is to complete her husband, not to finish him off."
"The church is like Noah's ark; there might be a stench on the inside but there's a storm on the outside."
"Sin takes you further than you planned on staying and costs you more than you planned on paying."
Regarding the prodigal son and the elder brother: "The one who started out out, ended up in, and the one who started out in ended up out."
"Love isn't a fall. Love is a climb."
"Love isn't blind. Love just knows how to overlook the junk it can see."
"Safe sex is a myth. You can't do an unsafe thing in a safe way."
"The only safe sex is sacred sex. And the only sacred sex is married sex."
"Girls will play at sex because they really want love, and boys will play at love because they really want sex."
"I know we're not perfect people and this isn't a perfect world, but this Bible is a perfect book and we cannot dumb it down."
"Failure doesn't have to be final."

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Carpe Diem said...

I like your humor!