Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SBC President Frank Page speaks at our church

Dr. Frank Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, spoke at our church last night as part of our annual "Marvelous Mondays in July." He brought an excellent message from Luke 13:1-8 about the barren fig tree. He pointed out that we are like the tree in several ways: 1) we are planted where we are for a purpose to produce fruit, 2) if we produce no fruit we are useless, 3) if we produce no fruit we are taking up soil and preventing others from being useful, and 4) God in His grace is willing to give us another chance. So we had better get on the ball!

You can read the Savannah Morning News report about Dr. Page's visit to our church here.

After the service, my wife Mary and I took Dr. Page out to eat at El Real Mexican restaurant. He was very gracious and encouraging to us about our ministry in Rincon. He gets phone calls all of the time from the candidates for president, both Republicans and Democrats, wanting him to say something good about them, but he says he has no plans to endorse anybody.

Pray for Dr. Page as he speaks on behalf of Southern Baptists, that what he says will glorify the Lord. He is doing a great job, and needs our prayers.

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