Friday, May 25, 2007

Lauren's writes from Paris on Thursday

Below is a Lauren's email sent on Thursday from her mission trip to Paris. Sounds like she got to do a lot of sightseeing. Pray for her as they visit college campuses to witness for Christ:

ok. so we finally came to an internet cafe the day AFTER i talked to you... lol. If i have a bunch of typos it is bc the keyboards are so different!!! we are still having a blast. The food is WONDERFUL here, and i'm not being sarcastic. haha!! mmm... there is a lot of chocolate, but i'm walking it off! so far we've seen the eiffel tower, champs ellises, Notre Dame, Hotel De Ville, the Lourve, another catholic church, the National Assembly, Arc du Triumphe, the Heart of Paris (which is a church built way up on top of a hill where you can see all of paris), and of course PIRATES OF THE CARRIBBEAN!! Today we ate lunch in Luxembourg Garden which is sooo beautiful. We visited 2 schools to try to meet students and we saw the Pantheon. This is soooo the koolest city in the world!! Keep praying for us. I love you sooo much.

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