Thursday, April 19, 2007

How to pray for Virginia Tech

After the tragedy at Virginia Tech, I looked up the email address of the Baptist campus minister, Darrell Cook, and contacted him to let him know I was praying for him as he sought to minister in this crisis.

Today he replied with these prayer requests:

- Pray for the students now that names have been released and the reality of connections and relationships bring the grief to another level. Pray for grace and healing for them in the deep hurt. [Bob's note: See the Virginia Tech Memorium site for a list of the names of victims and information.]
- Pray for the family of Brian, a grad student in our ministry who was killed Monday. Pray for our alumni and students that were close to Brian as well.
- Praise for a gathering of 300 plus students at our BCM Center Monday night to pray and begin to walk through the grief process. We have had our “normal” student-led events on Tuesday and Wednesday and our leaders have seemed mature beyond their years in showing concern for others right now.
- Pray for wisdom for our staff (Susan, Mark, Leah, Laura, and myself) and student leaders in all the opportunities that will come through relationships on campus in the weeks to come.

Darrell Cook
Baptist Collegiate Ministries at VT
Virginia Baptist Mission Board

Article in Baptist Press about a third Baptist student killed, Nicole White.

NOTE TO FIRST BAPTIST RINCON READERS: Our college & career department has made a maroon poster with an orange ribbon (Virginia Tech's colors) with a picture of Brian Bluhm, a Baptist student mentioned above who was killed. They will have it on display at the church for people to sign messages, and then we will mail it to the Baptist Collegiate Ministries at VT.

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