Monday, February 05, 2007

Kudos to Dungy, thumbs down to the NFL

I have been a fan of the Manning family ever since Archie Manning played football at Ole Miss and the New Orleans Saints. So naturally I was excited to see quarterback Peyton Manning, son of Archie Manning, and the Indianapolis Colts win the Super Bowl.

But I'm more proud of Tony Dungy, the coach, who said that he was glad to be the first African-American coach to win the Super Bowl, but he was even more happy about doing it in a Christ-like way, and getting to play against another fine Christian coach, Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears. Read the article here. Kudos to coach Dungy; what a great role model.

On the other hand, boo hiss and thumbs down to the NFL, for telling a church they cannot show the Super Bowl on a large screen and share the gospel, while at the same time the NFL says its okay for sports bars to show the game on large screens to people as they get sloshed. Read that article here.

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Jennifer said...

I more than agree with you on this!!! I'm also a huge football fan, Peyton Manning fan (lived in TN when he QB'd) and Tony Dungy fan. After the Superbowl, I saw the interview where Tony Dungy made the comments and I literally stood in my living room and cheered!!! And....... there was a sports bar in Thunderbolt that put up a very large screen - almost the size of an outdoor drive-in theatre screen - to broadcast the game on!!! I was absolutely appalled at the stance the NFL took against the church having the superbowl party. I sincerely hope the NFL got enough flack over this that it will NEVER be an issue again. Maybe they could even advertise how good an idea it is, to give kids, teens, families, etc. somewhere to go and enjoy the game in a wholesome atmosphere!!!