Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas lights in rural Georgia

Just off the sparsely populated Sisters Ferry Road in rural Effingham County, Georgia, is a community that locals call "Tiger Ridge." In the neighborhood of mobile homes, the residents adorn everything, even the butane tank, with tens of thousands of Christmas lights. In these pictures you can see Santa and Mrs. Claus fishing in a boat, a Nativity scenes (there's a rooster on top that you can see if you look closely).
If you go, take Hwy 21 to Springfield, and after the intersection with Hwy 119, go about another mile to another traffic light, then turn right, and after you go under the narrow bridge, turn back sharply to the left on Old Dixie Highway. Go a few miles, then turn right on Sisters Ferry Road. Go about four miles until you see a sign pointing to the left down a dirt road, saying "Lights." A short distance back on the dirt road you will see the lights. Be prepared to sign the "guest book," as the residents will come to your car and ask you to sign a spiral notebook. There is no charge, although the residents do sell home cooked items like molasses.


Anonymous said...

Are you nuts. That is an Inbred town. And has been for a few generations. My sociology professor even wrote a dissertation on them. Totally Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Brother Bob said...

I am nuts? Why do you say that? Because I have an appreciation for these poor people, and their efforts to enjoy Christmas?
Who are you, Anonymous, to look down on these people?
James 1:9-11; 2:1-7.

Caveman Radio said...

There is video of Tifer Ridge here:

Anonymous said...

Hello brother bob ... no disrespect but the anonymous person is right Tiger Ridge is know for being an inbred town and it is supposed to be very dangerous any other time of the year .... you can look on the internet for other resources about ti

Anonymous said...

@cavemvan...and your point of that video is what? I saw it and dont see anything wrong with it. Its not any different than the other houses in savannah. I have seen lots of ppl decorate their houses much worse than that video. All tha video shows is your lack of common sense