Sunday, July 30, 2006

Segregated beach?

I took this picture while on vacation in Florida.
If you enjoy interesting pictures, check out the website of Joe Thorn. He has a thought-provoking picture of a sign on a recent blog post.

5 comments: said...

I can't believe your state allows this kind of segregation at the beach. You should call your senator.

Brother Bob said...

Well, this happened in Florida, so being a resident of Georgia, I don't really have any pull with their senators, although a boycott might be in order. Maybe we could put up signs on I-95 warning tourists about this disgraceful practice so that they would stop in Florida and spend their money in the Peach State.

Geoff Baggett said...


Where were you in Florida? I was at St. George Island in mid-July and we were bombarded with the same wooly seaweed. Made the fishing pretty rough.

BTW ... I work with Roger Ferrell in the Mission M Possible strategy. We will be recruiting volunteers and hosting projects in Savannah over the coming years to assist in the CP efforts there. Thanks for leading your church to see and understand the importance of planting new churches to reach the unreached.

Brother Bob said...

Hi Geoff,
I was just south of St. Augustine. That seaweed was bad. In fact, we looked at it and went back to the hotel to swim.
Keep in touch. We need two new Southern Baptist church plants in our town.

Geoff Baggett said...

I don't care much about swimming in it. I just can't stand the way the stuff weighs down my fishing line!