Friday, June 16, 2006

Dad's Hard Time

This week my parents discovered a poem I had written in 1976. They got a laugh out of reading it again, 30 years later. I'm publishing it on this blog today, not because it has any literary value, but in honor of Father's Day.

"DAD'S HARD TIME" by Bob Rogers

My father had it really rough one time.
He felt like he had committed a crime.

He was reading a book on making fun.
When Mom told him what he had left undone.

Some shingles had gotten in bad repair.
The grass had gotten long as my long hair.

He was repairing shingles when he fell.
He had to lie down for he was not well.

"I thought you said you'd cut the grass," mom cried.
Dad answered with a grimaced look, "I lied."

For all the Dads out there who work hard for their families, Happy Father's Day!

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