Monday, April 17, 2006

NAMB president resigns

This morning Dr. Bob Reccord resigned as president of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention.
You can read his resignation letter and a statement from the chairman of the board of trustees at the NAMB website.
The Christian Index, the Georgia Baptist newspaper, has posted their own report on the resignation. Here is the statement that I gave to the Index:
"Dr. Reccord made the right decision. So much trust in his leadership was lost, that it was time for him to step aside. In the days since the task force report was released, he showed no signs that he was willing to work under executive controls. It's great to be visionary, but its also important to be auditory, and listen to the heartbeat of people. It's great to have an entrepreneurial spirit, but it's also important to have a servant spirit and do the work in the trenches sharing Jesus face-to-face with people all across North America. My prayer is that we Southern Baptists will continue to be generous in our support of the Cooperative Program and the Annie Armstrong Offering so that we can strengthen our support for missionaries in the field."

P.S. The trustees of NAMB have received praise for responding to this situation with honesty and action from Where Most Needed, a charity watchdog organization.

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