Thursday, April 27, 2006

Debunking Da Vinci Code # 2

The Da Vinci Code claims that "the greatest cover-up in human history" is that not only did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene, but they had a daughter, named Sarah, whose descendants live today through the Merovingian line of French royalty in the Plantard and Saint-Clair families.
These claims come from the writings of Pierre Plantard, who spent time in Jail for fraud in 1953, and in 1993 admitted under oath that he made up the whole story. (See Lee Strobel and Garry Poole, Discussing the Da Vinci Code, p. 23)
Hmmm. So who is the real fraud?


Bloodiest of Ladies said...

I don't know that the whole story can be laid on Pierre Plantard. The Cathars believed that Jesus and Mary were married back in the eleventh century.

With the full understanding that I'm beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist, I would like to know more about Mr. Plantard's release from prison, as it seems to coincide with his recanting of this story.

It's perfectly plausible that he heard this story, then decided it wouldn't hurt to be the decendant of Jesus, and made the whole thing up. But it's also reasonably plausible that he didn't. If we're discussing for the sake of discussing.

Brother Bob said...

Perhaps the whole story of Mary Magdalene cannot be laid on Pierre Plantard, but he is a major proponent of it. I was referring specifically to the story of Jesus and Mary's alleged descendants living on in French royalty, including Plantard's own family.
Where do you get your information that the Cathars believed Jesus and Mary were married?
According to wikipedia, the Cathars did not believe in marriage, and even encouraged married people to abandon their spouses. See for more information on the Cathars.

Bloodiest of Ladies said...

You sneaky little thing you, I can't believe I left that one open. I suppose I should keep in mind who I'm talking to before I get too cocky, eh? :)

O.k. yes, the Cathars believed that marriage was a form of prostitution (during the times, how wrong were they...interesting discussion for another time...)

My information comes from a couple of books I read at some point (Holy Blood, Holy Grail and Rule by Secrecy) I did throw an attempt to find more information (like where they drew their information from (no doubt the same source) but I can't be bothered to unpack the likely numerous boxes it would take me to do that) Either way, the Cathars not believing in marriage in no way suggests that they denounce the idea that people DID marry. And since they didn't have that high an opinion of Jesus, it's certainly not unthinkable that they would accept his marriage.

I will go looking for those books and give you better sighting of ref. sometime this morning. (I'm just waking up)

Brother Bob said...

I'll be waiting for your reply.