Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Some of the work crew poses for a picture with Rev. Charles Harris, the pastor (seated).
Today we spent the morning sanding the walls, caulking, fixing woodwork around windows and doors, and some trim painting. Dwayne Ladner, FBC Rincon member who is from this area of Mississippi, came by and brought us sub sandwiches for lunch (thanks, Dwayne!) He is down here working this week at his office on the coast.
This afternoon we put on a coast of paint. Tomorrow we plan to put on a second coat of paint, and tomorrow night we will worship with the congregation.
It's already looking good. One man came in and said, "I'm 61 years old, and I've gone to this church all of my life, and this is the best it has ever looked!" He said it was built by the people, and didn't have many straight edges when it was originally done, so this renovated building is going to be much nicer than they have ever had before.

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