Thursday, February 16, 2006

News more important than Cheney's accidental shooting

I guess it is an important story, at least for one or two days, that Vice President Cheney accidentally shot and injured his friend in a hunting accident. I certainly hope the man has a full recovery. Cheney blew it by not telling what happened immediately. But with the feeding frenzy going on in the media, you would think Cheney had murdered his mother.
I've been thinking, there are a lot of things more important than the Cheney story. I can even think of local things more important than Cheney's accidental shooting, such as:
  • praying for a 10th grade student named Whitney M. who attends our church who was accidentally hit by a pick-up truck while crossing the road on Monday. She suffered serious injuries, but is slowly getting better at a local hospital.
  • praying for the daughter of the pastor at Rincon United Methodist Church; she is going to Kenya to work for the Peace Corps in AIDS education
  • shoot, for that matter, the fact that Rincon is getting new traffic lights at McCall Rd. and Towne Park Drive is more important to me than Cheney's hunting accident!

Any comments? What news items would you list that are more important than Cheney's hunting accident?

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Bloodiest of Ladies said...

I think you're one of few people who has come to a reasonable list of priorities.