Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mississippi mission, first work day

New Evening Star Baptist Church, Gulfport, Mississippi. The church is located a few miles north of the beach, so it was not blown down, but winds damaged the roof, rains came through the ceiling and destroyed much of the interior. The roof has been fixed, the ceiling and walls replaced, but our team is here to finish the wall plastering and caulking around windows, etc. and then paint.

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Janice Fail said...

These are great pics.... Thanks for sharing..... This is a beautiful Church...I can feel God's Love there......

I am so glad to see the beautiful blue sky that God is loaning to you while you are in Mississippi. I am excited for all of you. I know that you are truly receiving a blessing in your hearts as you meet this lovely people, as I know your are getting as much joy from this as they are.

Wish I was there. Beth, please give all our new friends in Christ a Great Big Hug from me.

God Bless All